#tuxessories Alice In Wonderland mirror necklace ♡ (instagram으로 촬영)

The most surprising birthday present that was given to me. :D


A few days after my birthday, Techno plurked that her present to me was on the way. The only clue I had was that it was something that you could ship, therefore it came from an online store. Little did I know that it would be this:



That was how I reacted when I saw the Tuxessories box. Multiply that by five and it’s closer to my reaction when I saw the necklace itself. :P

It’s just so detailed! I wish I could fit into that tiny blue box piece of acrylic.

So thank you, Techno. I know I reiterated that so many times already but I can’t help it! T_T

[Random fact: this brings my Tuxessory count to six. (I love love love their stuff, if it wasn’t obvious by now.)]


Thank you @kacielacie for lovely Free! shipping necklaces from #tuxessories - COORDINATING MAH OTP WITH MAH OUTFITS


Omg look what I got in the mail


#todayim coming straight from Lumpy Space. #galaxy #cosmos #LSP #adventuretime #tuxessories


My New Favorite Necklace :D



Our Tuxessories just arrived! They are so cute~

The air is buzzing with excitement for the new Sailor Moon remake! Did you know that our brand name Tuxessories was derived from Tuxedo Mask?

We have a cameo necklace inspired by him

We donate the profits from this design to charity organizations. This is our way of forwarding your kind support to those who need it.

Thank you for your constant support!


Shippers, take your marks!

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The Eternal Summer is upon us! Represent your OTP with these mix-and-match necklaces you can share with your best teammates!

The pendants are made of laser-cut acrylic. The spirit animal silhouettes are layered on translucent heart backings. (And yes, you are seeing it right — the butterfly is made out of metallic glitter acrylic!)

Some of the materials we need to make these are gone forever from our supplier, so we hope you’ll be able to get them while you can!


The eternal summer is coming soon! Keep your freelings and emoceans close to your heart with these pairing necklaces you can mix and match with your best teammates!

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